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So this is what a 'maiden' blog looks like

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

For years friends and colleagues alike have encouraged me to create and look after a proper web site, even 'blog' occasionally. I do remember many years ago, when business card supplies looked like the sensible job to be in as everybody you ever met handed you one, thinking that wouldn't it be good if I could get through my whole career without ever actually having one - a business card that is. Well over the years I have once or twice succumbed and had some made, on both occasions changing address literally as soon as the ink was dry on the cards... and back then there were no emails and web site info to be passed on.

I have always relied on word of mouth between my loyal customers and their colleagues and contacts. I will always believe that this is the best form of introduction, a personal recommendation from someone who actually knows you and your work, and just as importantly to me knows how you work, when you're on location doing the job.

So why now you ask? Good question. It's not as though I have not ever seen the sense in and use for such a platform, rather I haven't really thought people would appreciate yet another 'voice' out there giving their opinions and calling for attention (I am aware of the irony in this statement, as by posting this that is exactly what I'm doing). But, if I take note of any feedback I may get, I hope to post occasionally about subjects which might inform and interest whoever is out there. Whether it's providing insights into what it's like on some jobs, or about the characters I meet on them, I hope they will contain something of interest rather than just appear to be a calling card to advertise myself. That said if you think you might have a photography or film project I could help with, please do get in touch etc.......

Oh I nearly forgot, the reason for me posting this was to let everyone know that I do indeed have a new web site, on the new domain of . It took me ages to settle for it's look and content, but these will change as I get used to how it works and what I can provide thereon. It will for instance allow me to host password protected galleries in the future, something I have only been able to do up to now via a third party. All feedback appreciated, but remember I am a sensitive soul...

Many thanks for taking the time to read this, if indeed you made it this far, and I hope you'll look out for the next one!!

Cheers - Philip

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