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Philip Tull                                             Pic: ©EllieTull
Hungerford, Berkshire, UK

30 Years and counting ..

Ever since I left college in London 30 yrs ago (studying film, television and photography) I have been lucky enough to make a living from something I love doing. With both still and moving images I love working with others to create something which not only looks good but also  has a purpose beyond it's visual appeal. To fulfill a clients brief it also has to inform. tell a story, illustrate, educate, or move it's audience.

I have always said that I consider whoever is sat in front of the lens to be as much the person I'm working for as the person signing off the cheques. Individually they may not be paying the invoice, but my responsibility lays with them every bit as much. Working with others to make the process both enjoyable, and as stress free as possible, to get the results we can all be happy with.

I spent 15 yrs or more working for newspapers before concentrating on corporate and theatre clients, as well as taking on private assignments.

I have been privileged to work in many wonderful places, both grand and very personal. Working for government departments, regional companies and theatres alike, and many more wonderful people over the years. All have trusted me to work with them to get the results they need, in a manner they have come to expect.


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