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Photography in 'lockdown'

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

So what does a photographer do in 'lockdown'? If they're like me they continue to take pictures... only the subjects are different!

No-one can really say how or when the profession will come back with any real force. As a tertiary business we are at the mercy of the fate of our customers. If they need more media content and are able to arrange it under whatever restrictions they are under (both safe-guarding and financial) we can satisfy those requirements. It will be different for each sector. Specialising in the corporate and theatre arenas as I do, I suspect it will remain 'quieter than usual' for some time to come... but I'm ready for action!!

There is a lot of advice online for professions effected by the pandemic and subsequent downturn in business, anything from learn new skills to get your books in order so you're ready to go when things turn around... All good advice...but I suspect none of it really eases the concerns of those involved the longer this continues.

As for myself I have indeed been learning new skills through online courses and like most people I have been helping the rest of my family navigate through the new set of circumstances they all find themselves in; my daughter who is waiting for her A-level results but who is uncertain as to what comes next; to my son who has just returned to work (as a chef) after being furloughed for 4 months; to my wife working from home as she is shielding until the end of July. So lots to be getting on with!

Aside from that I have indeed been taking pictures everyday, and as my daughter will say, I've fallen back in love with photography. She is right in that I can now enjoy immersing myself in photographing that which I can access now, the natural world around us. Both locally and in the garden, where I like so many have been spending a lot more time recently. I have added a page of recently taken 'natural' images on my website, and I have for the first time started an Instagram page @philtullphotography . Some of you may already be following my old Instagram page @philip_tull , and that's ok as I post the same photos to both. My daughter and I have always shared photography as a joint pass-time (she has just completed her A-level in photography, and has a great 'eye' for a picture) ) and now more than ever we have spent time on photo-expeditions on our walks locally around Hungerford/Wiltshire, and further afield.

I am so grateful that we have a shared love of photography, the natural world, and a desire to share with others the beauty we see around us. Sound corny...? Perhaps but it's true. On my Instagram page I wrote 'I have two passions beyond my family, people and the natural world. I'm happiest when photographing either, or both.' I do not get to photograph as many of my friends and customers as I'd like to at the moment, so in the meantime I'll photograph that which I can!

I look forward to the day I get to see more of my customers and friends, and I can work with them on many more photography and video projects under easier circumstances. I am grateful to those with whom I'm still working on on-going projects, and yes it is possible to get some things done under current restrictions/guidelines. I am more than happy to discuss with anyone how we can capture media content you need under present guidelines and I am as ever not far away!!

I would ask if you have time and would like to see more images check out the page on my website and have a look at my Instagram page, even follow it and see a new image everyday, usually....

Keep busy, stay safe! - Philip

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